Backyard Rescue

SO...for the last several weekends my husband has started a landscaping business. Ok, not really. But he might as well have. We moved into a home in Webster Groves 2 years ago. We were both driving 40 miles one way EACH to work and spending nearly $600 a month on gas...I can't tell you how life changing being close to the city is. Anyway....let me show you a bit of our yard...
It was time to do some updating and we had big plans!!! My husband (being a civil engineer) drew up plans for the yard with a new patio, pergola, sidewalk, and more! He and his friend were going to do it all in 1 weekend. 
A permeable patio was put in which removes the footprint of our house and we installed drainage to collect rain run off into a rain garden in the front yard. Like with most things labor intensive...when I say "we" ...I mean him...I basically did none of this project. FIVE weekends later the yard is done and while it couldn't look better I would be lying if I didn't say I was happy to have the hubby back by my side in the warehouse. 
The firepit has already been used and we are waiting on new patio furniture. Brandt is building a cute little table for us too. The back yard being done will completely change how we use the house! Doesn't it look great!!!

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  • Thank you Cathy! The rock came with the house :) !

    Nicole @ Rescued Furnishings on
  • Love your new patio and pergola! And your house is adorable. I want one just like it!! Did you add the stone to the outer walls or was it already like that? It’s gorgeous!

    Cathy K. on
  • Looks great! We’ve been thinking of doing something like this. How much would your husband charge to create a little patio for us? ;)

    Bridget on
  • Love the patio and the pergola, and the dog is the perfect addition. I can’t imagine hanging out on my patio without my two. Looking forward to the class next week.

    Cathy Perry on

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