Checkout the Checkout Stand!

Oh my gosh! It has been a while since I showed you guys a project and all the steps from start to finish!
Funny story: One Friday night a while back, Chanda (owner of Redheaded Vintage Girl and St. Louis Vintage Market Days) called me and says "Are you home? Cause I'm on my way to your house with furniture!"
She brought us this gorgeous radio cabinet! She had been looking for one for nearly 3 years!
Now, it is hard to tell so let me explain...the bubble on the right upper side was a giant bubble in the veneer. The top was all but destroyed (the corner of the top was in rough shape too but we kept that which I love). All the knees on the legs were falling apart. 
My hubby went to work. We gave Chanda the option of replacing the top or repairing it. She chose repairing and Brandt removed the veneer and glued it back together. The corner was left damaged which gives it so much character. 
The sides were damaged badly as well so Brandt repaired it and added trim which makes it look SOOO nice!
All the knees were put back together. 
And look at the difference the repairs made!
After days and days...he finally got to painting and it came together!
My favorite part (mainly because it is all I did on this piece) was the distressing!! There was so much bead work on this piece, which really made it pop! 
And here she is in all her glory! Chanda is going to be using this as her checkout stand and we are beyond jealous!!!! We are on the hunt for one ourselves!!!
We used antique white by General Finishes because it is an extremely durable acrylic that is indoor/outdoor AND we sealed with Modern Masters Master Clear Supreme because of its durability, UV protectant and scratch resistance! You can get those products here. 
Wellll, what do you think???

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  • Ok so I’m beyond excited about this piece!!!!!! You guys did an amazing job!!!! After looking so long for this exact piece of furniture I knew it needed to be “rescued” by you two!!! A simple paint job would not be worthy of this little darling. I can hardly wait to use it in my Redheaded Vintage Girl booth at Vintage Market Days in Highland!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!! My favorite part is were you said it she has “knees” I love that!!!!

    Chanda Hakanson on
  • Can not say anything, except, Beautiful. Well done!

    Carol Kimes on

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