Design Services

Reimagining your spaces or furniture is my passion! We offer everything from design services to carpentry to custom painting and faux finishing.  We can help make spaces be cohesive, creatively use odd nooks and crannies, or create a layout and floor plan that you will love.  

After speaking with many clients, we have found that more people would love access to an interior designer so we have set up our design services in a way that will benefit as many people as possible.

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Our design services are broken up into a few main categories. 

Color Consultation: 

Sometimes picking colors can be overwhelming. We have thousands of samples at our fingertips but the best part is we have already narrowed down the best and most popular colors for each category. We bring pre made full size sample sheets of colors to your home and help you achieve your color goals. We have tricks to help you in various lighting to narrow down your color selection. This can help eliminate costly mistakes in paint and labor! If you don't have a painter we have several that we can refer to. Advice can be provided for approximately four rooms per hour, depending on the complexity and scale of the rooms to be discussed. Color consultations have a $200 minimum which includes travel and 1 hour. Additional time can be added in 30 min increments for $50 per 30 min. 

From the initial consultation clients typically choose to either paint themselves or hire a painter. Alternatively, we are happy to come back a second time with actual paint samples to paint larger sections on the wall to ensure you will be happy with your choice. This service would be $75 per hour (1 hour minimum) + $7.59 per paint sample. 

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Idea session: 

$300 for 1 hour consultation, additional hours are $100/hour. We walk with you through your home or rooms you want to focus on and put together a list of ideas. We can help you make your spaces cohesive or focus on one space. We will take notes throughout the whole session and e-mail you a list of all ideas.  We can typically do ~3 rooms per hour depending on scope of work.  Included in this session, if desired, is the color consultation described above. You will end up with 2-4 pages of detailed notes of our time together. This is a budget friendly option and gives someone that is handy projects to tackle.   These sessions are very useful for the big ideas for a space and won't focus on what items to put on your shelf or the exact pattern of your fabric but colors, elements, etc.

Mood Board Design Plan: 

Design plan is $500 per room. We are given an overall budget which we will discuss how best to use for the design ideas. The services mentioned above are included but additionally you will receive a mood board which will be focused toward design goals and budget. This could be very simple or elaborate based on end budget. It can include wall treatments, paint colors, furniture, lighting, wall and home decor. Below is an example of a design board that is paint and furniture focused per the clients request. If carpentry services are included in design, detailed estimates will also be provided.  

Design Implementation: 

We can work with you to bid implementation of any parts of the design you choose which could be full carpentry and design or simply procuring, delivering, and decorating. 

  Custom Piece Design:

If you are using us as your builder, we do not necessarily need to have plans in order to proceed. We are happy to work off inspiration pictures, conversation, and rough sketches.  


If you need a little more detail than a design plan, we understand! If you need a custom piece of furniture or a pair of built ins designed or you Need a full kitchen design..We can sit with you and design your piece/space! We can come to your home to see your space and take measurements or work from pictures and measurements that you provide. We will draw up the plans and proceed with the work once approved.  Email us with your piece or project and we can provide a drawing budget. 

Full kitchens ~$1000

Built ins ~$300

Small furniture pieces ~$150 each

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