Marketplace Application

Rescued Furnishings is working on a big move for 2019!
Details are limited as negotiations are being finalized but we want to start the ground work so we can start running as soon as we are able to!
We are hoping, to make a 50,000 sq ft building home! This will have an artisan market that will hold over 150 vendors!
We are looking for the very best vendors throughout the Midwest to bring it to life. It is so so important to work with each vendor to truly define their space. We can’t give any big secrets out yet, but this will not be an antique mall. The vendor concept is similar to other Marketplaces but the building and booths and items for sale will be set up in a way to provide something very unique and special. Booths will not run together and each person will truly be able to showcase their items. We are going to work with each vendor to approve items and a vision for the booth. Vendors will be able to build out their own booth to display their goods!



*We anticipate being able to select vendors and have a solid floor plan with a lead time of 6 months prior to opening!

*Exclusivity to Rescued Furnishings will be required within a certain radius of the store (distance TBD). Vendors can apply for exceptions. Vendors in nearby stores that have different designs for the different stores will be approved.   

*Possibly the best part* We will have a 2000 sq foot DIY event space that can hold up to 50 DIY'ers. Vendors will be able to reserve space for approved DIY classes. NO RENTAL FEE! Just your normal commission and ticket sales will go into your monthly total which could potentially bump you to a better commission tier!! Staffing for outside of normal business hours will be billed at $20/hour. 

*Store will be open Fri – Sun each week with extended hours during the holiday season.

*There will be large events with food trucks, etc.

*Each month there will be a vendor of a month who will get their booth fee waived for the following month.

*Contracts will have a 12 month commitment but if a vendor needs to leave we anticipate having a wait list to accommodate such moves.

*Pricing & Commission is TBD, and there will be booth space available in a section of the building that will have extra hours. Commission will not exceed what is below. There may be booth pricing available for less/more per sq ft, however this will be an average. 

Booth Size Sq Ft










Wall section for Jewelry, etc.


Commission-includes sales tax remittance, payment processing, bags, wrapping, barcoded items, retail staff

RF % of sales

Vendor Sales / Month









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