Our Process

Learn all about your kitchen cabinet painting! We are located in St. Louis, MO but regularly travel to the larger metro area on both sides of the river!
We approach everything from a woodworker and engineering perspective first and foremost. We want cabinets and furniture and custom builds to be completely structurally sound before any paint or stain is applied. Our process varies from piece to piece but the very foundation of our process is built off some simple steps that we follow as a bare minimum.  
Everything gets extensively prepped. Cleaned twice and sanded by hand. Fresh builds, raw wood or furniture that is being re-stained gets sanded several times very slowly at 4-5 different grits.
We go through every door (or piece of furniture)  and check all joints. Typically ~10%+ of cabinets have hairline breaks next to joints that show up when painted. We see this in brand new kitchens even! When cabinets are put together, they often split where nails are underneath the surface and manufacturers know you will never notice since it blends in with the wood! 
We often see these breaks unrepaired. This would allow moisture to get in and break down the paint so we actually go in and repair these breaks. Instead of just throwing a coat of paint on we glue, clamp, add bondo, sand and prep for paint.  
Most wood cabinets (and some furniture) have water damage, especially by the sink, fridge, and dishwasher. Almost every single kitchen has this. It is just usually completely invisible to the untrained eye. Once paint is applied it is very obvious but it is often accepted as “part of the wood”. We repair all water damage so you do not have hairline water cracks after painting. Not only does this provide a smooth and factory like finish but it also helps the finish to be longer lasting. 
All the cabinets and drawers get sprayed with an automotive sprayer in our workshop and all cabinet frames get painted with a self leveling agent by hand so there are no brush strokes or over spray in your home.  Each cabinet is inspected after every single step and gone over by hand when necessary to improve as best we can, any grain issues. We strongly believe you can't only spray or only roll or only brush to truly get a factory finished look. All pieces get a combination of all three that are done in our workshop. 
Everything gets sealed with a resin and it gives it a factory finish. It is rated for UV protection, water, grease...even acid rain! Everything gets installed by us as well!
Instead of a bandaid, we offer a custom solution and do everything we can to make it long lasting.  If there are any issues with cabinets not lining up or you want anything adjusted let us know during the in person meeting so that we can account for that in our bid. 
Kitchens typically take between 5-7 business days depending on size and how the wood reacts to paint. 
Our paints and sealers are non toxic and low voc! We use water based products so there is a greatly reduced risk of fading or yellowing overtime like you see with oil based products. Additionally, on light color cabinets, we seal after the first coat of paint to force the water based yellowing reaction with the tannins in the wood so we can correct it in the shop. We make corrections as necessary, and paint and seal. We buff everything so it is extra smooth. Our goal is to make your kitchen the happiest place in your home!