Why Our Furniture Is Different

Our furniture is made to be passed down. We spend hours upon hours being very selective and finding the pieces with the most potential. Our pieces vary between 50-150 years old usually. They are all solid wood. None of the cheap stuff here folks!

Not only does the furniture matter but our process matters. It is very "in style" to paint furniture right now. The problem is most people don't do the prep work and don't do the finishing work. No matter what paint we use, we ALWAYS sand, clean with TSP, clean again with soap and water, prime, paint, and seal. We sand with several different grits and between every coat of paint and sealer. Every piece of hardware is taken off and painted separately. And a lot of times, furniture is heavily repaired for longevity. Pieces are taken apart and put back together to work much better than they did before. Every drawer is checked, magnets replaced, backs re-glued. Sometimes pieces are completely broken down to be put back together to last. On average, 20 hours of actual hands on work goes into a single piece, not including dry times between every coat of primer, paint, and sealer. Pieces will never be bought, cleaned up a little, a coat of paint slapped on and sold the same day. 1) no paint can cure that fast and 2) that is not the quality we want to put out. A quicky piece can look good (I'll admit I have them in my home) but when you are paying for a finished piece we want you to know you are getting the best and that we have taken every precaution to make it last. We can give you any look, from modern to heavily distressed and shabby...but the quality will not be sacrificed no matter the look achieved. 

The process isn't the only thing that matters...the Products do too! They are ever changing but we have been actively testing products and are happy with our recent decisions. We use well tested primers, the best sealers, and latex, acrylic "milk", and metallic paint. For every product we don't use, we have reasons based on our experience. If you ever have a question regarding a product, we would be happy to help you!

For sealers, we have used a varathane rated for furniture, High Performance from General Finishes, and Master Clear from Modern Masters. All 3 of these are MILES above in quality over your regular hardware store sealers and they are all waterbased. I am not saying this lightly people. MILES ABOVE. The prices go up listed in the order above. General Finishes and master clear are both UV protected. If this will be a high traffic piece I recommend paying the top dollar for Master Clear...I have literally hammered paint cans shut and not made a dent on it. I will swear by it...in fact we have moved to solely using Master Clear on all projects. It runs about $45/quart and it is more than worth that. I would like to say our process is what solely sets us apart from other custom furniture businesses but this product is a huge component. As Jennifer, from The Magic Brush says, master clear is "liquid gold." It dries so hard and durable. Master Clear, the  varathane we have used, and General Finishes are more expensive sealers than most...BUT they are worth it and I would recommend them and urge you to use them over any other top coat...you won't regret using any of those three over your regular run of the mill stuff.

We have learned that there is a difference in primers, paints, and sealers. We are going after heirloom pieces that you will love years from now and we only use the absolute best. All furniture is always susceptible to wear and tear and moving is never easy on it but we send a touch up kit with you to help ensure its long lasting beauty! 

Prep work matters, primer matters, top coat matters. We take pride in our work and want it to show.


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