Gale Nation & LuLaRoe VIP Night
Gale Nation & LuLaRoe VIP Night
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Gale Nation & LuLaRoe VIP Night

A few months ago we had our first ever VIP night and we are back at it!

When: Friday June 30th, 6-9pm. 

This event is capped at 50 people. Gale Nation will be here with her new items (globes, maps, notebooks and more) and she will be personalizing away! 

The event allows you to shop and personalize your items without the long wait she is sure to have on Saturday. 

Additionally, Shylah with LuLaRoe will be here with 1500 items for you to shop!

We will be bringing in new inventory as well! 

The best part about this event is that it is exclusive. You get a sneak peek privately of what we will be offering Saturday!

We will have fruit, wine, and we are working on a special surprise too :) We have never done this before in store and it is going to be SO COOL! (p.s. there was a hint in there!) 

10% Discount on all RF Items!  

Spend $100 with Shylah from LuLaRoe and get a FREE pair of leggings!

*Ticket proceeds will be donated to Stray Rescue!

Due to the nature of the event, refunds are not available. We ended up with a long waiting list last time though so if you can't make it we may be able to fill your space and then issue a refund in that case. 



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