Intro to Spraying- Saturday September 22nd
Intro to Spraying- Saturday September 22nd
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Intro to Spraying- Saturday September 22nd

Saturday September 22nd from 9:30am-11:30am  

We have been asked to do a spraying class for nearly 5 years and if you know us, we don't do anything half way. We have spent a lot of time testing guns on the market to be able to bring you the best information possible, not just the ones we use. We wanted to provide an intro to spray guns, where you can learn a ton, see different guns in action and see what is best for you! Stay tuned for future classes on spray techniques and spraying cabinets!

In this class, you are going to get an intro into spraying. 

This means you will see at least 5 guns in action. 

We will be using 3 brands, 5 guns, prices ranging from $100-$1500. 

The reason we felt it was important to give you a variety was so we could truly teach you all the different things that go into spraying. 

1) Different types of guns and what each one offers/doesn't offer

2) Assembly and clean up 

3) Application

4) Pros and Cons of different guns

5) How to trouble shoot problems with the guns

6) How to minimize over spray and drips

7) proper ventilation and safety

In this class you will get a demo of each gun and we will talk in depth about each one. 

The gun itself isn't the only important thing though. So we will also talk about what spraying means for your finish and what things you will have to watch out for with spraying versus hand finishing. 

At the end of class you will have plenty of time to try the guns out on practice boards as well!

This class will get 10% off all paint products or accessories the day of class. You are not obligated to purchase anything but if you do, you will get the discount! 

All classes are held at 2714 Lafayette Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104. 

Any reservations must be cancelled 14 days in advance for a full refund. If we do not have a waiting list, refunds beyond this date will not be available. 

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