Learn to Miter - Saturday January 14th
Learn to Miter - Saturday January 14th
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Learn to Miter - Saturday January 14th

This class is Saturday January 14th from 9:30am- noon.  

We have reduced this class size to just 4 people. This class size allows for maximum learning. 

We are going to teach you all the basics of making miter cuts and you will go home with a set of templates!

We have all seen it, bad crown moulding on cabinets, base mouldings and ceilings. Maybe you want to learn how to do your own quarter round or just add a nice base to a boring dresser or even tackle your crown moulding on your cabinets this class will help!

What will you learn: 

1) What tools you need and how to use them

2) How to find an angle and measure your boards

3) Tricks to cutting to help you get a nice tight corner

4) Tricks to attaching trim so you can install it and keep that corner looking good

5) Learn the most common angles 

6) How to do inside and outside corners

7) How to finish trim so it doesn't look like a DIY job!

8) Take a template of common cuts home with you for base mouldings and crown mouldings. You will have piece of trim that are labeled with the angle and cut on them! It will help you match them up and remember how to do them!

This class will get 10% off all paint products or accessories the day of class. You are not obligated to purchase anything but if you do, you will get the discount! 

All classes are held at 2714 Rear Lafayette Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104. There is a large parking lot to the right of the building that you can park in and we are the last door on the right side of the building. There will be signs. 

Any reservations must be cancelled 14 days in advance for a full refund. If we do not have a waiting list, refunds beyond this date will not be available. 


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